ARG125T (MSM-12500T-A1) is the junior model of the ARG series.

The ARG125T covers up to a displacement of 10-15 tons. (Depending on GM of the boat) 

For example, let’s say a Sport Fish boat does not logistically have the correct configuration to accommodate the ARG250T, but may be perfectly suited for two ARG125Ts.

| ARG125T MSM-12500T-A1 |
Anti-Rolling Torque at Rated RPM12,500Nm MAX
Rated RPM4,400rpm
Angular Momentum at Rated RPM2,500Nms
Spool-up Time to Rated RPM30 minutes
Spool-up PowerAC MotorSingle phase 3.8KW / Three phase 3.4KW
Operating PowerAC MotorSingle phase 3.4KW / Three phase 3.0KW
AC Input VoltageSingle phase 220-240V, 50/60 Hz, / Three phase 200-240V, 50/60 Hz
Weight300 Kg (661.4 Lbs)
Envelope Dimensions
Gyro590 Height   950 Width   570 Depth -mm  /  22.4 Height   36.6 Width   23.2 Depth -inch
Motor Driver (Inverter)400 Height   350 Width   189 Depth -mm  /   15.7 Height   13.8 Width   7.4 Depth  -inch